Our Culture

With over 20 years in the retail, design and web, we understand retail and design, but also understand that transparency is important in our line of work.  Over the years we have seen and worked with clients & customers that tell us about companies that seem to understand the basics of retail and design, but charge inflated amounts of money for items that are high quality but slightly massed produced, or services that are extremely valued but employees are paid poorly. What is so strange about this you may ask...EVERYTHING!  Majority of these companies are big college educated, hand-down wealth business owners that are so wrapped into making more money they forget about the people who help make them the money.

We want to change that, if we find a high quality product that is neither ripped off from the small business owner, nor mass produced with poor quality, we just wont carry the item(s). 

We want to have a quality website that has quality goods at an affordable price, simple PERIODT.